Dragon Shout Contest Winners

July 26, 2014

As some of you have eagerly looked forward to, here are the winners of the Dragon Shout contest! Lot kogaan to everyone who participated. You all had great ideas, and it was especially interesting to see how each of you approached a similar ones. (Mind control seems to be particularly popular!) Entries were judged based on concept, the effectiveness of the Word Wall, and uniqueness related to Shouts already featured in the game. The three winners are:

Check out all of the winning entries here!

Dragon Shout Contest

July 16, 2014

The power of the Voice is projected through the use of a Thu’um, a Shout. Each Shout is made up of individual Words of Power imbued with the strength to summon storms, inspire fear, or hurl goats from mountaintops.

This contest challenges you to create your very own Thu’um. Choose your Shout’s three Words of Power, describe its effect, and in addition, write the Word Wall where a Dragonborn would learn your Shout.

Winning entries will be featured in a collection here in the Library. You don’t need to be a member to enter, but if you are there’s a ​ 120 gold prize for the top 3 entries.

Here is an example of what an entry might look like using an in-game example.

Throw Voice Shout

Zul "voice" - Mey "fool" - Gut "far"

This Shout is a whisper that creates phantom voices from a targeted location. It is the perfect distraction to throw enemies off your trail.

Modir fin Gut wahlaan qethsegol
zeymahii vahrukt Oskar
fin Mey wen zul los sahlo ahrk
ni sahrot Thu’um do ok brod

Modir the Far raised this stone
in his brother’s memory, Oskar
the Fool whose voice was weak and
not the mighty Thu’um of his clan.

Contest Entry Guidelines

Read the Dragon Names & Shouts lesson for guidelines and ideas for your Shout. Each Shout should have three unique Words of Power that are one syllable each. Generally, each Word of Power should be able to stand on its own, so the Shout will still have power if only one or two Words are spoken.

Word Walls should be roughly between 10-30 words in length, or approximately 2-4 lines. Your Word Wall must contain all three Words of your Shout. The Words do not have to be in the same order as they are in your Shout, only as long as they're included somewhere in your Wall. Entries can cover any subject matter, but try to refrain from any explicit material. Submit text only.

You can send your entry in a private message to paarthurnax or send it in the body of an email to [email protected] with the subject line: Dragon Shout Contest. In this email, please provide:

  • Your Shout's name
  • Your Shout's description
  • Your Shout's Words of Power (3 Words, one syllable each)
  • Your Shout's Word Wall and its translation
  • The name, pen name, username, or blog url you would like attributed to your entry

The contest will be open for entries until Friday, July 25th. Mul zul​!

Dragon Break!

July 4, 2014

If you've been trying to get onto the site today, you may have been experiencing some issues. The site's back up and running now - thanks for your patience! A forum post or two may have been lost in the process, so if you've made a post between now and yesterday, feel free to repost if it's no longer there.

June 7, 2014

The Jarl's Bounty is a list of English words we don't have Dovahzul translations for yet. Submit a word and make it on the list! Each new word will reward you with  15 gold. Good luck! The words are:

May 31, 2014

Drem yol lok! I have a few small updates to pass along. First, I'd like to thank everyone who's participating in Pel Pals! If you're still waiting for a partner, there are a lot of names on the waiting list. Take a look and message anyone you'd be interested in partnering with. Onto the updates:

Viewing word entries has changed a bit. When viewing a word with a root word, you will remain in that word's entry instead of being redirected to the root word's entry. Instead, you'll see a link to the root word. This will solve previous redirect issues, issues with words not showing up, and also gives more flexibility to how root words can be listed. For example, before the words neilaas "survive," neilaasend "survival," and neilaasin "survivor" all had to have their root word listed as laas "life" in order to show up. Now, neilaasend and neilaasin can have their root word listed as neilaas while neilaas is rooted in laas.

Behind the scenes, alternate language translations for the dictionary have gone through a major reorganization. Everything should work the same as before, but much more effeciently. If you're a Translator and you've come across a new issue, be sure to let me know. Speaking of which, a Spanish section of the dictionary has also been added. If you're experienced in Spanish and would like to help translate the dictionary, send me a message!