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January 31, 2015

"How to explain in your tongue? The dov have words for such things that joorre do not."

At long last, the Jarl's Bounty returns! The Jarl's Bounty is a wordsmithing event where the community helps create words for the dictionary. Usually, the Jarl's Bounty is a list of English words that don't have Dovahzul translations yet. This time around, we're setting out to create words that only the dov possess.

With its return, we're also switching up how the Jarl's Bounty works. Share your idea for a word in the comments below, and we'll discuss them throughout the day. After 5:00 PM Central Time, the Jarl himself will review your suggestions and add any suitable words to his list. When the list is complete, everyone who participates in the event will receive 60 gold!

The words for this Jarl's Bounty are:

  • (verb/noun) to strike with the tail, as punch is to fist and kick is to foot; as a noun, a strike with the tail
  • Lokrein (verb/noun) -  to roar so as to announce one's presence or mark one's territory; such a roar
  • Zel (verb/noun) - to permeate through time, to happen or occur retroactively, so as to have always existed
  • (noun) kalpa, world-cycle
  • (noun) Alduin's devouring of the World, the end of a kalpa
  • Sahdrog (noun) - a leader or ruler who is weak or undeserving of the title
  • (noun) dragon heartscale
  • (noun) an event or occurence that took place in the past
  • (noun) an event or occurence that will take place, an inevitable fate
  • (verb/noun) to bestow knowledge of the Thu'um to another; such a gift or blessing
  • (verb/noun) to demand sacrifice, tribute, or veneration; the demanding of tribute
  • (verb/noun) to put down, fell, ground, bring down, prevent from flying; metaphorically, to remove someone from power or fall from power, downfall
  • Stiir (verb) - to bare one's teeth
  • Vein (verb) - to flap the wings strongly as a show of force or intimidation
  • (verb) to fly into or against the wind; metaphorically, to struggle against adversity or fate
  • Daanstrin (adjective) - to be resigned or accepting of one's fate, place, or future; antonym of the above

Comment below with your word ideas and example sentences of how they may be used. Pruzah tinvaak​!

Dragon Name Contest #2 Winners

January 25, 2015

The second Dragon Name Contest has wrapped up, and we're ready to announce the winners! There were so many great entries that we selected four winners instead of three. Thanks to everyone who participated! The winners are:

  • Ahromah ("hunter's fall" or "hunter balance fall") by RariShyZealot
  • Deyrazein ("daedra worship") by GoldenRivit
  • Monahvul ("mother dark" or "dark mother") by Monahvul
  • Vultuzmaar ("dark blade terror") by Vultuzmaar

Check out the winning entries and honorable mentions here.

Stay tuned for more updates and events, including a Jarl's Bounty next weekend!


January 17, 2015

Explore the ancient ruins of Forelnaar in this point-and-click adventure game! Decipher clues written in the dragon language to make your way through the dungeon and unravel the secrets left behind by the Priests of the Pale. If you're a site member, you'll also have the opportunity to earn up to 300  and a legendary item for your Hoard,  Kavarin's Blade.

Share your discoveries in the comments or in the official discussion thread. Have fun!

Two Year Anniversary

January 14, 2015

Today marks the two-year anniversary since the launch of! A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to the language and made the community an awesome place to be. Something special will be arriving this weekend. In the meantime, keep a watch for any hints around the site...

A reminder that the Dragon Name Contest is still open for entries! Send your entry in a private message to paarthurnax or an email to [email protected] Stay tuned!

January 12, 2015

R​ahnaar r4n1r
(noun) Sanctuary
Semi-Canon.  Authored by RiclaimWarsword.

"Aan kruziik rahnaar kriist nau strunmah gut ko diin brom."
1n kruz3k r4n1r kr3st nau strunm4 gut ko d3n brom