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April 21, 2015

Each month, we're shining the spotlight on a special member of the community. This month's Featured Member is  Liis, Liis has been a member since last July, and is the author of 150+ words.

Check out the interview below!

Drem Yol Lok! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Nicki. My community persona is a Khajiit Dragon Priest. Despite being an American, I use the UK version of the spelling of the English language. I lean strongly on SPD (Schizoid Personality Disorder), which my girlfriend helps me with.

How did you first become interested in the Dragon Language?

I was introduced to The Elder Scrolls with Skyrim. Being that I played ample amounts of Runescape, The Elder Scrolls series was a warm welcome. I quickly adjusted to the lore as the game grew on me exponentially.

Are there any other languages that you speak?

I own a conlang named Siji. It is a fully fledged and functional conlang that is 11 years old. I still speak it very fluently, yet I am letting it die. The language grieves me for reasons I'd rather keep to myself.

Warrior, thief, or mage?

Actually, both Warrior and Mage. I'm an Auxiliary Spellsword. Meaning that I use a sword and bow with the help of any school of magic besides the school of Destruction in my offhand. 

Favorite Dragon Shout?

My favourite Shout is Slow Time. Being a Khajiit in-game also, I find it only natural to be very dextrous. Slow Time allows me to deal with or dispatch several targets at once with reflexes of a seasoned combatant.

Thanks for the interview! 

April 4, 2015

The Jarl's Bounty is a wordsmithing event where the community helps create words for the dictionary. Below is a list of words that do not yet have translations. Share your idea for a word in the comments, and we'll discuss them throughout the day. At the end, the Jarl himself will review your suggestions and them to his list. Everyone who participates in the event will receive 60 gold!

The words for this Jarl's Bounty are:

Comment below with your word ideas and example sentences of how they may be used. Pruzah tinvaak​!

Vir losei?

March 31, 2015

A few updates have been made to the Community Wall, including audio notification for new messages and a new set of guidelines. These guidelines will be enforced to help keep the Community Wall an open and welcoming place for discussion. Take a look and let us know any feedback you may have!

Dovahzul Riddle Contest Winners

March 23, 2015

The Dovahzul Riddle Contest is over! Winning entries were chosen based on cleverness, originality, and good use of the dragon language itself. Give your congratulations to the following winners:

Take a look at the winning entries and see if you can solve them!

March 17, 2015

Each month, we're shining the spotlight on a special member of the community. This month's Featured Member is  Kosenu, Kosenu is a translator for the Dutch language and is responsible for more than half ot the 1,500 Dutch translation entries.

Check out the interview with Kosenu below!

Drem Yol Lok! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Of course. I'm a guy living in the Netherlands, in the beautiful city of Delft. I have way too many hobbies, like playing instruments, programming, reading, and occasionally writing. I also speak this funny language from a video game.

How did you first become interested in the Dragon Language?

I'm not entirely sure. I've always had a great interest for languages, and even tried to make a few when I was younger, but they all were more like cyphers than languages. I kind of stumbled upon Dovahzul about half a year ago and decided it would be fun to learn it, and here we are about half a year later, with me being at near-conversational level.

Are there any other languages that you speak?

Yes. I speak English and Dutch fluently (you may have noticed the English already), speak bits of German, French and Japanese, have a conlang of my own called Nirsuo (which is actually not a cypher :P ), and I'm currently trying to master Swedish.

Tell me some more about Nirsuo!

Sure thing! Nirsuo is more of a language for poetry than for actual speaking; there is a lot of freedom of using words (any noun can become a verb, adjective, etc., and likewise any word can become a noun), there is no official pronunciation (read it whatever way it is comfortable!), and there are little to no unneeded complications. It's hard for me to describe, but I'd call it a "pastel-coloured" language. DovahKiinZaan also assisted in developing Nirsuo, and has especially with thinking up grammar been a great help.

What does a sentence in Nirsuo look like?

Here's a (rather free) translation of the Black Sacrament:
"Segrafu Matane, segrafu Matane, adart jin zen ufe ezi, edat shonreas-in dezuikke amenkori ayauge une kride en armade."

(Nearly) literally translated:
"Sweet Mother, sweet Mother, reply your follower at me, because the unpures' evil deeds need recreation in breaking and disaster."

Note that literal Nirsuo translations are pretty much impossible, due to the freedom of interpretation of words. For example, I translated "grafu" as "sweet", although it might also mean "special".

Warrior, thief, or mage?

Warrior. I used to play as a thief a lot, but after a while of hiding and stealthily attacking, it became too repetative for me, and I decided to go for more melee action. I never really got into magic, don't exactly know why. I should try it some time.

Favorite Dragon Shout?

Ice Form. I love the combination of the words, since a frozen opponent is easily comparable to a Ice Statue of Flesh. It's also great when you're being chased by something when you're near dead, or when you just 
need some time for a potion or to reposition.

Thanks for the interview! 

It was my pleasure!