November 18, 2014

Tales speak of dragons as old as time, whose very voices shake the foundations of Mundus. For those dedicated members who have achieved the final rank of Aedra, you can now become Legendary by clicking the Legendary button on your profile page. Becoming Legendary will reset your rank to Prisoner and grant you the  Legendary badge. You can reset your rank any number of times, so there will always be more leveling to do.

Special Delivery - Your Hands Only

It's fun being popular. It's not fun sorting through thousands of thread alerts. If you have an unread thread alert, you will no longer receive duplicate alerts for that thread.

Stay tuned for news on the new canon course. We hope to have that in your hands very soon!

Non-Canon Memrise Course

September 4, 2014

Thanks to the hard work of community members hiithFoduiiz, and VaraX, a new Dovahzul course is now available on Memrise! This course focuses on the non-canon words invented by the community, and includes over 1,000 words and audio pronunciation. If you'd like to give feedback or suggestion changes to the course, head on over to this thread.

An updated canon course is also on the way, so stay tuned. In the meantime, happy learning!

Dovahzul Print Dictionary Fourth Edition

August 20, 2014

The fourth edition of the dictionary PDF is now available! This edition comes in at 256 pages and in addition to updated entries, contains an alphabet reference, a grammar cheat sheet, and prefix and suffix list.

Alok, Mirkilaar

I'm excited to announce that community member Mirkrilaar will be donning the blue and joining our small team of moderators! Mirk has been a steadfast member of the community these past several months and we're eager to take him under our wing. Say drem yol lok if you get chance!

5,000 Words

August 9, 2014

Just recently our dictionary reached 5,000 words! That's 5,000 Dovahzul words with translations for over 6,500 English words. A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed! Expect to see new print dictionaries in the near future.

Dovahzul Modern Font

August 3, 2014

Community member Kazmirus has put together a new font that explores what the dragon runes might look like the modern age. You can download it here! Take a look at the forum thread some of the examples below.